Guest Book

Some space for you to congratulate and support the Bride and Groom to be 🙂


8 thoughts on “Guest Book

  1. Dear Daniel & Maria,

    A hearty and blessed congratulations from Steph and I in Hong Kong! At this stage I don’t think we’ll be able to make the trip to Perth, but nonetheless we thank you so much for the invitation.

    All the best for the wedding preparations – may God guide you both as you prepare for the new chapter of this exciting journey!


    P.S. we like dGm 😉

  2. LOVE you guys! =D
    GOD is definitely in the centre of you both and combined HE will use you both greatly for HIS purpose!
    Eph 3:20
    Forever your sis,

  3. Wahhh, dunno what to say yahh, tp Jodoh dr Tuhan gak kemana.. Gbu always n forever, selama penyatunya Tuhan, pasti kd sempurna 🙂

    Love my brother n my new sister

  4. Mamaaar… what a sweet sweet email I’ve got
    So happy for you two, so inspiring to be together with God at the centre. May you both be blessed in all the preps for the big day! #applying for day off asap#

    With much much excitement!

  5. OHHH
    …i mean
    …is AWESOME!!!
    D&M, Dance & Makan, what a combo.
    -tears of joy-
    GB =D


  6. Congrats to Dan n Maria.. may the LORD always lead you n prepare you to be ready for the D day! Filled with joy and love of GOD..
    Oh I like wat rog said d & m stand for… perfect hahaha..

  7. COngratz to Maria & Daniel!!
    So happy to see u both together
    Can’t wait to see u tomorrow
    God bless u n Daniel always

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